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 Clan Application

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PostSubject: Clan Application   Thu Aug 25, 2011 11:22 am

In Game Name (IGN): nucleareagle

Other IGNs you've used with current account (name change): N/A

Alternate account IGNs: nubcake42 (kdr 1.03)

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Rank: 2LT1

Kill/Death Ratio (KDR): 0.71

What Time-Zone you live in: PTZ (GMT-Cool

Past Clans: N/A (had 1, but disbanded the next day so forgot name)

Post your CBL status tag:N/A, but never hacked/glitched. May be due to maintenence, can check afterwards

Do you have/use a microphone? Sorry, but no.

When are you usually online playing CA? Either afterschool (3:00 P.M. PTZ) or on Saturday nights-Sunday mornings

What is you Nexon Forum name, if you have one? n0ObPWNER

Did any one refer you to the clan, if so, who? N/A, although my brother was in your clan before (sffz)

Why would you like to join Sexy House? I've been looking for a clan or group of people to play with consistently. I've been in a level 4 clan once, but it was only for 1 day before they disbanded D:. I'd like to also play with a group of people who tend not to make too many hackusations or complaints, and this clan looks semi-professional to that extent.

You have read and understand the Clan and forum policies stated above: Indeed.

Thanks for considering me for a spot in your clan (hopefully, lol). If you guys don't take me, I understand, you guys are still great though. If you need to contact me, you could email me ( If a tryout is needed, I'd be happy to oblige (if my poor kdr makes you doubt...jkjk Very Happy)
thanks, bye!
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Clan Leader
Clan Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Clan Application   Thu Aug 25, 2011 2:48 pm

Add me in-game and pub with us. I'll give you an answer after we pub.


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Clan Application
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