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Pistol Gods
Welcome to Sexy House
Sui'z Introduction
Tue Sep 27, 2011 5:35 pm by Suizide
Well, I like to dream about sitting around, doing nothing, thinking of nothing...Life'd be so free. That's not possible.

Anyway, I'm Suizide(or SuizideD or Suiz or Sui). I....what else. Oh, I'm 21. Legal to buy alcoholic beverages, but because I'm the nerdy quiet Asian IRL, I don't drink or party a lot. Awesome. Ah yes, this also leads to another thing. When talk I sound like a different person IRL than typing on computer. In-game, I tend to type a lot when I'm in a mood.

Yes, I'm Asian, I'm Chinese. I would like to be Japanese. But too bad I'm not...

I'm in college. Senior year, studying CS, no no, not Counter Strike, Computer Science. I like computers. I think they're dumb.

My previous clan, I was in Violent Kiss. It was a decent clan. Great kickoff and with a group of close clanmates, we rocked. Till in about 2 months, things slowed down. 1 by 1, clanmates started to become inactive. And when time came for the server error to take over the clan page, only 8 people were still there and none barely get on anymore. I was pretty much the one on every few days. I get on to work on my alternative account which is still there. So you might see "SuizideD" around. You'd know that's me. And I like to play as Hana.

I'm not much of a gamer person. I don't follow any kind of games, like buying legit copies of all these games, whatnots. I don't follow game news and updates. I just play what I feel like playing at the moment. Current games I play to waste my free time away instead of trying to find jobs: CA, TF2, SCII, Killing Floor. But I haven't been playing too much since I'm a bit busy at the moment. In shooter games, I like being the sniper. Yeah. Sniper. Quickscoping, even if I can't quickscope in that game. Not great, but decent...I think. Oh yeah, I also play Touhou Hisoutensoku...

I like Touhou...

I can't think of other things for now. Anything else I should introduce to you of myself, please shoot me.

I now officially welcome myself to SH.

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